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Sure Foundation Strategies LLC
444 Warm Springs Drive
Fairborn, OH 45324
ph: 937.878.2919
mobile: 937.307.1664
email: sfschulze@sbcglobal.net


“Before you can change
the business, you must change
the relationships.”

Our History:

Sure Foundation Strategies LLC was formed in January 2010 from a sincere
interest to enrich lives and provide real leadership solutions to organizations.

Often, well-intentioned consultant led efforts focus on short term gains such as closing
financial gaps, flattening the organizational structure, and creating detailed manuals.
Our focus reveals how lasting organizational success stems from leader commitment,
demonstrating buy-in, effective communication and developing genuine relationships.
Leaders must have the foresight to plan long-term and make decisions,
but more importantly, they must first model the expected behaviors.

We Provide:

We provide fresh thinking, independent consulting, keynote speaking, dynamic
presentations, workshops, executive coaching and high performance strategies.
Our clear business solutions guide leaders to achieve personal growth and operational
efficiency by transforming the workplace culture incrementally from within.

The Iceberg Concept:

The Iceberg Concept was developed in 2006 to illustrate often-overlooked
foundational elements needed to successfully lead people and manage organizations.

Basically, with an iceberg, what you see is deceiving. Typically, the higher the iceberg is above the
surface the deeper its base projects below. Thus, the majority of the iceberg lies hidden beneath the surface. This then helps to visualize by proportion where the majority of management emphasis
should be placed to achieve lasting success. Unfortunately, many organizational change efforts
minimize the subsurface elements that form the foundation of a successful, thriving business.

Business Process:

We provide relevant tools for leaders to transform organizations internally by
concentrating first on the leader’s commitment, sense of urgency and vision.

This is followed by creating clear expectations, shared core values and leadership principles.
These aspects form the foundation of authentic relationships and trust and go beyond standard transactional change practices. Solid relationships are the cornerstone of organizational success
and trust is the binding agent that ensures effective processes and programs, leading to a
true learning organization.

Contact Us

We provide leadership consulting and speaking engagements in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania,
Kentucky, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut,
Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts,
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