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Sure Foundation Strategies LLC
444 Warm Springs Drive
Fairborn, OH 45324
ph: 937.878.2919
mobile: 937.307.1664
email: sfschulze@sbcglobal.net


“You can’t lead effectively
without caring deeply.”

Articles / Publications:

Presentations / Workshops:

  • Leading with Vision: The Importance of Foresight for Organizations
  • Expecting the Best: The Power of Clear Expectations
  • The Iceberg Concept: Transforming Organizations from Below the Surface
  • Strategic Planning: A Roadmap for Success
  • Shared Core Values: Reinforcing the Future
  • To Infinity and Beyond: Working in a Virtual Environment
  • Brainstorming: The Benefits of Deferred Judgment and Participation
  • Enabling Creativity and Innovation
  • Biblical Servant Leadership
  • The “ART’ of Leadership: Building Authentic Relationships and Trust
  • Standing on Principles: The Foundation of Core Values
  • Teamwork: Coaching for Improved Work Performance
  • Charting a Course: Navigating Disclosure and Bridging Barriers
  • Succession Planning: Creating a Sustainable Future
  • Leading Others: How to Lead Effectively and Inspire Followers

Steve’s “Top 20” Leadership Books:

  • The Bible - God
  • Day Job to Dream Job - Kary Oberbrunner
  • Necessary Endings - Henry Cloud
  • The Speed of Trust - Stephen M.R. Covey
  • Good to Great - Jim Collins
  • Leading Change - John Kotter
  • The Leadership Challenge - Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner
  • It’s Your Ship - Michael Abrashoff
  • Authentic Leadership - Bill George
  • The Fred Factor - Mark Sanborn
  • Flight of the Buffalo - James Belasco and Ralph Stayer
  • The World’s Most Powerful Leadership Principle - James Hunter
  • It’s Not About the Coffee - Howard Behar
  • Be a Leader for God's Sake - Bruce Winston
  • Read this Before Our Next Meeting - Al Pittampalli
  • Linchpin - Seth Godin
  • Values-Based Leadership - Aubrey Malphurs
  • Christ-Centered Leadership - Perry Pascarella
  • Management - A Biblical Approach - Myron Rush
  • Tuesday Morning Coaching - David Cottrell

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We provide leadership consulting and speaking engagements in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania,
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