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Sure Foundation Strategies LLC
444 Warm Springs Drive
Fairborn, OH 45324
ph: 937.878.2919
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“Learn to be an ‘AL’,
an Authentic Leader”


“Superb! I can’t tell you how impressed I was and how much I enjoyed your presentation.
You were right on the mark. It was simply outstanding. You have a gift and ability to connect
with the audience. You had everyone’s attention.”

Edison Materials Technology Center


“Excellent talk, it was the best of the conference by far.”
Solid Blend Technologies Inc.


“Loved it! Could not have been any better, great job.”
The Water Initiative Inc.


“Wow! I need you to come to my organization. I’ll pass your name on to others.”

“I really liked Steve’s soft spoken personality. It shows you don’t have to shove this material
at someone in order for it to take hold.”

“I liked Steve’s ability to weave real life stories and experiences into the presentation,
all of which were quite relevant.”

Ohio EPA


“Your presentation moved me. Many thanks to you. This is desperately needed in my country.”
Aramco Oil, Saudi Arabia


“The presentation was fantastic and brought back what is important.
Please send me more information.”

City of Guelph, Ontario, Canada


“We need more of your relational focus in the water sector. We are implementing a similar
concept at home. Thanks for the needed reinforcement.”

Utility Services, Lynbrook Victoria, Australia


“I enjoyed hearing your perspective and passion for the relational aspects of running
a successful organization. Your presentation was well received and sparked interest from
our clients.”



“Your presentation touched my heart. It is what our industry needs.”
Lehigh County, PA Water Authority


“Great presentation! This is the missing element in business and a real ministry to
hurting utilities. Come to my organization and present to my region.”

Cobb County, Georgia


“I felt compelled to write and personally thank you for such an inspiring and insightful read.
Your article distilled down and put in context today’s challenges. I’m making it mandatory
reading for my staff.”

“Thanks for writing such a great article, I really liked it and am working on creating
authentic relationships at work and at home. I hope that people see me as an ‘AL.’”

CH2M Hill


“I say homerun, you knocked it out of the park!”
City of Fairfield, Ohio


“Great article! You do a far better job articulating what I’ve seen as many engineering
managers’ shortfalls. Montgomery County is lucky to have you in a leadership role.”

Montgomery County, Ohio


“Thank you for leading our team through your program. You did a great job. With an
engaging and thought provoking presentation, Sure Foundation Strategies really helped
people in our organization see where we could make our company better by improving
relationships with our customers and our employees.”

Applied Heat Recovery LLC, San Antonio, Texas


“I cannot express how much I enjoyed your presentation. I have always been a visionary
and totally believe in the message your philosophy presents. I am hoping we can get you
to do a whole system presentation...”

MSD Cincinnati, Ohio


“Thank you for your presentation to our company...each employee and the position they
hold is vital to our success, the way you presented that to them was great.”

A to Z Appliance Service, Fairborn, Ohio

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